KN95 Activated bamboo carbon 5-layer filter antivirus masks qualified face Masks Anti-dust virus Safe PM2.5 protective mask n95

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Chinese Tips from virus war :

1.not go out ,not go to many people place.stay home.
2.when go out, wear mask,when enter in elevator or your car,do not use finger to press button or pull the car door.should wear gloves.(click to buy)
3.when back home, spray alcohol to your  shoes and shoes bottoms,(click to buy alcohol spray bottle) ,throw your gloves
4.wash your face and hair , spray alcohol to your hand.
5.when in home, pls use alcohol pads (click to buy ) to rub your phones.kill virus usually.
6.pls keep warm ,do not  catch cold!! because people who got virus will seems too like be cold!!!!

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